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Health and Healing Therapy’s mission is to help the members of our community

Grow, Heal, and Thrive

We aim to meet the needs of our community members by offering a team of counselors who vary in their graduate and post-graduate clinical training and expertise as well have obtained various licenses, certifications, and specialities.

We strive to continue to provide a counseling team who can meet the needs of all ages and is made up of diverse professionals with a variety of specialties which helps us work with a multitude of issues and concerns. It is vital that you work with a therapist who you feel comfortable with, can open up to, and will grow to trust.

Whether it be with Individual Therapy, Couples Counseling, Family Counseling, Group Therapy or Group Education sessions, together we can develop a strong and collaborative relationship that allows for you to identify and develop the most helpful strategies and best solutions for your unique circumstances and personal issues.

We will hold a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental space for you to process and explore whatever thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and emotions you have. You will receive a welcoming invitation to name, discuss, feel, release, explore, and/or problem-solve whatever might be troubling you.

Together we will develop an understanding of what you want, need, and can do, so you can begin to enjoy your life more and feel better.


We welcome an opportunity to help you begin to create and live the kind of life you want and deserve.

Our Clinical Team

Colleen Koncilja
Director and Therapist
Morgan Kolecke
Amanda Cook



Rae Magnani
Khoa Kgo
Reshma Lagomarcino

Our Administrative Staff

Noelle Walsh
Media Development & Content Assistant

We are in this together, and we are here to help you through this difficult time.

Health and Healing Therapy is committed to providing new and current clients with transitional and uninterrupted care during this current public health crisis.

We currently provide online teletherapy sessions 7 days per week.