Group Counseling


Group Counseling


Getting you out of pain and on to greater health and healing.

We provide various groups that are experiential, educational, therapeutic, and supportive.

Groups provide a safe place for people to come together with others who each have a similar experience or issue. When we connect and lean on each other for support together as a group, we suddenly become stronger, smarter, more courageous, and wiser. This also happens when we share resources, experience, hope, and empathy with and toward each other. These are some of the superpowers of a group. When we share ourselves with others, we are not alone. As we allow people in and invite them to know us even in the midst of our struggles with pain and illness, we allow ourselves to be heard, connected, and cared about.

Current Group

Living a Full Life with Chronic Illness and/or Chronic Pain

Group Therapy and Group Counseling

An educational, experiential, skills-building, and supportive group for those who are challenged with chronic illness and/or chronic pain will help guide you to:

  • Learn and practice pain management techniques, including mindfulness, meditation, and visualization
  • Develop a personally tailored coping skills plan that is effective at helping reduce your stress & pain
  • Expand your understanding of your mind and body’s connection
  • Know that you are not alone and there are others who understand and get it
  • Experience, practice, and implement new behaviors and skills helping you to change your pain and illness experiences
  • Understand how pain pathways communicate and begin implementing ways that you can alter your pain
  • Cultivate a new relationship with your body, pain, and/or illness

This ongoing, supportive, and weekly group for people with chronic illness provides:

  • A safe and supportive environment that honors your experience, supports your courage and provides understanding and compassion.
  • An opportunity to share your experiences, challenges, and coping strategies with all members who are there with you in the journey of creating a full life, even with chronic pain and/or illness.

If you are interested in joining the Living a Full Life Group, your first step is to contact us so we can schedule an intake assessment appointment before you start attending group.

You owe it to yourself to connect with others who get it and are also working toward living their life with greater joy amidst their pain and illness. You can, too. I welcome you to begin to make it happen for you.

You don’t need to suffer or be alone in your pain.

Group Counseling Specialist

Ready to create a life full of health, hope, and happiness?