Problem Gambing Counseling

Problem Gambling Counseling

If someone in your life has been talking to you, pressuring you, or confronting you about your gambling, I can imagine that you are feeling frustrated, angry, trapped, and alone thinking that even if you wanted to cut down or stop, there is no way you can. You’ve probably tried to reduce or quit only to find yourself back online. at the casino, or video game cafe.

This time, it can be different. This time, if you seek help, you won’t be doing it all alone. I can help you make sense of what all has happened to you and develop a plan with you to change your relationship with gambling. Together, we can get you out and away from the pain and pressure you feel.


Maybe you’ve done things you’re not proud of or things you never thought you would do. Maybe you’ve lied to the people you love, taken money that wasn’t yours, racked up your credit cards and got more of them, taken out cash advances, borrowed money from family and friends, got a second mortgage out on the house and didn’t tell your spouse, cleared out your 401K or the kids’ college fund, or stolen or embezzled from your employee. If you have done one, some, or all of these you also broke a promise to yourself that you wouldn’t allow your gambling to get this bad and you would never do those things. But, you can get past this. You can begin to recover.

Like many problem gamblers, you want the pressure, worry, fear, and pain to stop, but you have no idea how to make that happen.

At your most difficult times, maybe you thought that everyone in your life would be better off if you weren’t around. Or, perhaps you have been thinking that you are in too deep and there may not be any other way to get relief from your debt other than by ending your life.

Like all people who have the need to keep gambling, you’ve done things you aren’t proud of so you could continue to gamble. It’s completely natural to feel disappointed in yourself, ashamed, embarrassed, frustrated, or guilty. But, you don’t have to suffer and stay stuck.

You can stop the cycle. The painful feelings, stressful situations, obsessive thoughts, and unending pressure you feel can stop. You can and will feel better.

All the pressures you are under are extremely difficult, and I know you don’t think anyone will understand. But, you are not alone. Helpful and supportive problem gambling counseling and compulsive gambling treatment is available.

You can dig your way back out of the deep pit you may feel stuck in. There is hope, there is help, and it’s all available to you.

I encourage you to take a step toward help and hope and away from pressures and problems by ending your gambling cycle.

The pressure and pain you are experiencing can stop. You can win at putting the pieces of your life back together.

You can and will get to the point where you feel better about yourself. You won’t have to be stuck in worry, stress, a whirlwind of continual lies, and that sinking feeling of being misunderstood and alone.

You are not crazy. You are not alone. You are not a bad person if you’ve lied, stolen, or manipulated – instead, you are a person who is struggling with chaotic feelings and impulsive behaviors, and your problem gambling can be treated. You can receive support, guidance, and solutions through problem gambling treatment.

You are worthy, and, with hard work, you can live the life you want and deserve.

Do you feel overwhelmed?

If you are having difficulty managing your stress, you may have days when you feel completely overwhelmed. Many life circumstances are incredibly stressful, such as quarter-life and midlife transitions, where much of your life roles, responsibilities, and relationships shift and change. Suddenly, life seems and is very different, and it takes a while to figure it all out and decide how to create a new normal. Managing anxiety can be exhausting. It is difficult to feel nervous, agitated, hyper-vigilant, and/or worried. Experiencing these states takes an awful lot of energy and often leaves people feeling tired and overspent. If you are interested in working together on alleviating your anxiety and worry, we would focus on several strategies that can help.

We can work together to help you 

  • Develop techniques that help you decrease and stop worried filled thoughts
  • Learn breathing and relaxation techniques to assist you in calming your nervous system
  • Receive emotional support in a non-judging, fully accepting, safe relationship
  • Gain control over your thoughts and behavior responses and determine if they are helpful or harmful
  • Identify triggers that heighten your anxiety
  • Discover a peaceful connection with and within yourself
  • Process any past painful experiences that may be fueling your anxiety

Coping with depression is often overwhelming and painful.

Depression can be shorter term, situational, or a lifelong mental health issue. It is always difficult to cope with depression, and receiving professional support and guidance can be extremely helpful. We can work together to help you:

  • Have a place to talk about your feelings, as much or as little as you feel comfortable doing
  • Work through any triggers or trauma connected to your present depression
  • Develop skills to handle your emotional stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Express your thoughts and feelings about what causes you upset, sadness, and pain
  • Process any grief and loss you may be experiencing
  • Decide if you would like to seek any additional medical and/or alternative treatments

You can lessen and gain more control of your stress, anxiety, and depression.

Ready to create your happy and hope-filled life?